Tornadoes are some of the most devastating weather phenomenons, with wind speeds sometimes reaching over 200 mph.  Unfortunately, despite the advances in technology and the ongoing research into these storms, it is nearly impossible to determine with any degree of accuracy where or when a tornado may strike.

Although a large majority of property damaged by tornadoes results in a total loss (damage to property in the direct path of the tornado), properties not in the direct path of a tornado also suffer severe damages from accompanying hail and windstorms.  Despite not being in the direct path of the tornado, if you are the owner of property that was damaged by one of the recent Alabama tornadoes, you may be entitled to more money than has been offered by your insurance company.

The law firm of Freese & Goss is currently handling tornado damage claims on behalf of insured Alabamians against their insurance companies.  Insurance companies are taking steps to avoid paying for the devastating losses that many Alabama resident suffered in the recent tornadoes.  Do not be a victim twice!  Let Frees & Goss fight the insurance companies so you can finally begin the process of rebuilding.

The largest outbreak of tornadoes in U.S. history and the most catastrophic destruction occurred throughout many counties in the State of Alabama on April 27, 2011.  The National Weather Service estimates that 67 tornadoes touched down in Alabama and 42 Alabama counties have been declared Federal Disaster Areas.  The Alabama tornadoes were among the most dangerous and devastating tornadoes ever recorded in the United States; leveling towns and, unfortunately, claiming the lives of hundreds of Alabama residents.

The tornado outbreak on April 27, 2011 stands as the costliest tornado outbreak in United States history.  It is also the costliest storm ever in Alabama, surpassing Hurricane Ivan in 2004.  Thousands of homes, apartments, schools, churches and businesses were destroyed or damaged by the power of these vicious storms.  Some reports estimate total damages in Alabama to be as high as $10 billion, with estimates of insured losses being as high as $5 billion.

Following storms such as the tornado outbreak in Alabama, individuals and businesses who have suffered damages to their property turn to their insurance carriers to help rebuild and begin the recovery process.  All too often, however, following a natural disaster, insurance companies will unfortunately engage in disingenuous and unconscionable practices to deny or undervalue the storm damage claims of their insureds.  Insurance companies commonly employ adjusters, contractors, and engineers who minimize the damage to the insureds’ structures, ignore hidden damages to the structures, or deny any damage has occurred.

Fortunately for you, the insured, most states have laws in place in order to protect property ownersfrom the disingenuous practices of insurance companies.  Merely because an insurance company has provided you with a check in the amount of damage it believes was done to your property does not mean you are not entitled to additional money.  In many cases, our clients may be entitled to thousands more than what the insurance company has provided.

Freese & Goss is a national law firm with a local Alabama presence (offices in Birmingham, Alabama).  Freese & Goss also has experienced lawyers, adjusters, contractors and engineers who will fully inspect the damage to your property and fight the insurance company for every dollar you deserve.

Bad Faith

Any discussion of pursuing and/or settling of a claim with an insurance company warrants the consideration of Bad Faith.  The obligation of good faith is implied in every contract under Alabama law – including the insurance policy (contract) any Alabama insured has with his or her insurance company.  Insurance companies must act in good faith when handling insureds’ claims.

When the insurance company fails to follow the laws governing insurance companies and insurance contracts, the company is said to be acting in Bad Faith.

It has become all too common for the interests of the insurers and insureds to diverge following a storm and a claim being filed by the insured.  Unfortunately, insurance companies all too often engage in Bad Faith following a devastating storm such as the Alabama tornadoes.  Insurance companies often times act in Bad Faith in an effort to limit the company’s financial payouts to their insureds, all of whom have paid hundreds if not thousands of dollars in insurance premiums.

Following devastating storms and a claim being filed, insurance companies will send out adjusters, contractors, and engineers to investigate the damage to your property.  Do not be fooled.  These individuals are employed by the insurance company and are often given strict instructions on how to value certain damage or even ignore damage to property all together when calculating the money you deserve.  In other words, the insurance company is acting in Bad Faith.  In many cases, insurance companies will act in Good Faith.  However, when they do not, the property owner is at a distinct disadvantage, unless they have experienced legal representation.

Below is a list of common issues included in insurance bad faith:

  1. Undue delay in handling your claim.
  2. Unwarranted denial of coverage/payment of claim.
  3. Inadequate investigation of your claim or damage to your property.
  4. Refusal to pay a claim without investigation.
  5. Refusal to make a reasonable settlement offer (“low-balling”).


If you are in one of the Alabama counties affects by the Alabama Tornado Outbreak and you feel your insurance company has not properly handled your insurance claim (delay, denial, or undervalue/underpayment), contact our attorneys at 877-519-7216 for a free consultation just choose our Free Case Evaluation.

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