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Scientists from the UK and USA recently reported in the British Medical Journal data providing new insight into the adverse cardiac effects produced by Avandia®.  The study analyzed the medical outcomes of over 810,000 patients by combining previously reported data sets, each set involving patients taking thiazolidinediones.

Results indicated that Avandia® increases the risk of myocardial infarction by 16%, the risk of congestive heart failure by 23%, and death by 14% when compared to similar other drugs.  These results add to the growing body of literature implicating Avandia® as a drug with an unacceptable risk profile, especially when one factors in reports suggesting Avandia® precipitates the development of bone fractures and bladder cancer.

While the European Medicines Agency (the functional equivalent to the US FDA)  has recommended suspending the market authorization of the drug, the FDA continues to weigh its options, most recently voting to add marketing restrictions.  Given the reported 3.8 million Avandia® prescriptions dispensed annually, the potential harm suffered by the public may ultimately be more than expected.  Regardless, GlaxoSmithKline continues to market the drug, even while they face hundreds of lawsuits.